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Become a Member

Become a member

Membership and Ownership

A1 Autoparts is part of the Auto One group, a Member based business that has been providing services to independent automotive resellers since 1988.  All store owners who are part of the group are classified as Members regardless of which brand they represent.  The Board of Auto One Limited will always be represented by store owners from across Australia and the Executive Team report to that Board.  In this way, Members decide which suppliers are selected, how terms and rebates are structured and most importantly, they are in direct control of the key strategic decisions that will impact their businesses.


Building Signage and Branding 

A1 Autoparts has developed a program to assist independents with the costs of re-branding their stores in conjunction with a number of our preferred suppliers.

Branding is an important factor for the A1 Autoparts business model as it immediately communicates to customers that your business is part of a larger entity.  A full set of brand guidelines are available to Members for uniforms, business cards, business stationery as well as trade flyers.


Supplier Relations

The group has negotiated terms with over 150 suppliers on behalf of its Members covering price, rebates, freight arrangements and other incentives.  As an A1 Autoparts Member you will have access to these terms in the following ways:

  • Access to the Auto One Distribution Centres in Sydney or Perth
  • Purchase direct from Suppliers at the group negotiated pricing
  • Purchase direct through suppliers who are centrally billed via the national office


A key and fundamental part of the A1 Autoparts offer is the provision of direct rebates to Members.   The amount of rebate varies depending on the supplier, the category and the method of distribution.  The national office will coordinate these rebates on your behalf and all direct rebates will be paid to you quarterly. 

Marketing Support

Catalogue Program -  2 x catalogues per year which will be run during Fathers Day and also at Christmas time. 

A1 Autoparts Trade Flyer template  can be utilised by each Member in their specific area of operation for distribution to your trade customers.